Evolutionary Coaching: An Introduction to impact of ego-soul dynamics on personal growth and development.

My World Business and Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS) Presentation this year was one of the top seven sessions. Since many of you have busy schedules you may have missed it. WBECS has decided to make the recording available this week!

 It will only be available for 24 hours on:

Thursday June 2nd, 9am EDT

To access my session recording , click the link below:


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Evolutionary Coaching Webinar

I will be a presenter at the WBECS coaching world-wide event in May and June. It will take place from May 11 to June 1st.

The Pre-Summit workshops are FREE…yes … FREE.

The speaker line-up is incredible and includes some of the world’s most successful coaches! You can choose from over 45 sessions at the Pre-Summit at no cost.

Please log-on using this unique link:


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Join me at the World’s leading online event for Coaches


Every year, WBECS brings together the pre-eminent thought leaders for the coaching industry where they introduce their cutting edge insights, tools, resources, frameworks and methodologies.

The focus of the Summit is to support you in improving the quality of your coaching skills, enabling you to deliver more value and gain significantly better results for yourself and those you coach.

Throughout May and early June you can attend the Pre-Summit of more than 40 world-class sessions, all completely sales pitch free and you can do so at no cost.

Here is your personal invitation

This year presenting on the virtual stage is an illustrious line-up of leading experts for the coaching industry, all sharing their World class insights including…

Marshall Goldsmith (Global Thinkers50 award winner)

Ken Blanchard (Business & Leadership thought leader)

David Peterson (Global Head of Leadership & Development at Google)

Liz Wiseman (Author of Mulitpliers & Thinkers50 award winner)

Carol Kauffman (CEO of Harvard Institute of Coaching)

Mark Thompson (CEO of Virgin Unite and Richard Branson’s coach)

Jim Kouzes (Leadership guru)

Jim Clifton (CEO of Gallup, Strengthsfinder)

Do you want to know how to do evolutionary coaching? Follow this series of broadcasts.

This is a series of broadcasts where I explain step by step, following each chapter of my book, Evolutionary Coaching, how to support individuals grow and develop at the stage of psychological development they have reached.  You can access the broadcasts by going to the following podcast website evolutionarycoaching.podbean.com 

When you get to the site, click on the broadcast tab at the top.

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Calling all leadership coaches

It’s been 4 months in the making, and I an super excited to now finally be able to invite you to join me and a world-class faculty of my peers for The 2014 Leadership Coaching Summit!

If you want to learn how to artfully weave together neuroscience, psychology and ancient wisdom to deeply impact your coaching clients, then registration just opened.

Since I’m one of the presenters, I may be biased, but I think this is going to be one of the most transformative online leadership coaching programs of the year.

It’s all online, over 2 weeks with interactive sessions from world-class leadership and coaching experts like Robert Kegan, Frederic Laloux, Doug Silsbee, Bill Torbert, Pete Hamill, Dan Siegel… and myself.

My 90 minute interactive session will be on Evolutionary Coaching and takes place virtually on November 14th at 10-11:30am Pacific Time.

By joining me you will learn:

  • How to identify the psychological stage of development your clients have reached and what their primary motivations are.
  • How to identify the stages of psychological development your clients have passed through where they still have unmet secondary needs that detract from their leadership potential.
  • How to support your clients in mastering the needs of the stage of psychological development they have reached and the stages of psychological development they have passed through where they still have unmet needs.
  • How to assess whether the organizational culture in which your clients are embedded support or hinder their evolutionary development.

The summit meets the highest quality standards of the ICF and is accredited for 15 CCEUs. It’s all online with interactive daily sessions from November 10th-24th.

Joel and Laurens from Coaches Rising, who are running the event, have priced it incredibly reasonably, so budget really shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Click here to learn all about it.


Uncover the keys to becoming a master leadership coach

Want to become a a truly great leadership coach?

Fifteen world renowned leadership coaches will be sharing their wisdom in a program designed by Coaches Rising during November. Three audio downloads, accompanied by a beautiful ebook are available to you free.  These materials are part of the build up to the annual online Leadership Coaching Summit, created by Coaches Rising.

The summit is ICF-accredited and I’m joining some of the best and brightest in the leadership coaching field including Harvard professor Robert Kegan, coaching giants Karen Kimsey-House and Julio Olalla, and neuroscience legend Dan Siegel.

I’ll be leading a full and interactive session during the summit, on Evolutionary Coaching. For more information and to sign up for the free resources click here.

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You can get a copy of my book by clicking here for USA, UK and Global.

An evening with Richard Barrett (November 11, 2014, London)


On Tuesday, November 11th Nick Williams will be hosting an evening with Richard Barrett to celebrate the launch of his new book Evolutionary Coaching: A values based approach to unleashing human potential. Richard will be sharing his ideas on how we can evolve from fear-based consciousness to love-based consciousness. During the evening Richard will be discussing:

  • His framework of human development
  • How to lead from soul rather than an ego
  • How to consciously participate in your own evolution
  • The importance of understanding your values
  • How to help your family, community and society evolve
  • How to create a more purpose-driven life

There will be interactive exercises where you can explore what stage of psychological development you are operating from (your primary motivation) and what is holding you back (your secondary motivations).

Everyone attending will receive a copy of Richard’s book as a gift from us. Whether you are attending the evening or not, we suggest you map your values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model by clicking here . This free assessment doesn’t take long and you will receive your own personalized report by email within a few minutes.

For more information, and sign up for the event, click here.

Broadcasts on Evolutionary Coaching now available on I-Tunes

David Gibbons and I have now started a series of approximately 20 one-hour dialogues on my book entitled Evolutionary Coaching.  You can listen to these broadcasts by clicking here to go to I-Tunes, or by clicking here to go to the normal Pod casts at David Gibbon’s website and click the tiny box in the top right hand corner to pick from the list of episodes.

A twenty minute radio interview which provides an overview of the book can be heard by clicking here.

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